Dealing with the vast range of injuries and diseases of the body’s bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves is an inherently complex challenge. GE Healthcare understands. We provide a broad portfolio of tools and technologies to help you at each stage of patient care – from initial assessment and diagnosis through treatment and follow up, so you can determine the optimum personalized treatment for your each of your patients.

Solutions for Joint Pain

Determining the cause of joint pain - and the proper course of treatment - requires a variety of tools. It may be one set for evaluating rotator cuff tears, another for osteoarthritis of the elbow. Whatever your needs, GE Healthcare has a solution.

Whether you are assessing a cervical fracture, evaluating the extent of lumbar spinal stenosis, or determining the cause of chronic back pain, GE Healthcare has a full spectrum of imaging tools to help you.

Dealing with the complexities and broad range of sports injuries can be challenging. GE Healthcare brings you the tools you need to assess the injury, determine the course of treatment, and monitor the healing process.

Successful surgery is often based on detailed pre-surgical assessment and planning. GE Healthcare imaging solutions can help you prepare for the complexities of a total hip replacement, assess a scaphoid fracture or determine the extent of an ACL injury prior to surgery.