Interfacing with the Edison platform can jumpstart your technology

If you have something important to share but no way to distribute it to people, what good is it? Similarly, when a developer creates an innovative application, the platform is just as important as the application itself.

With the new Edison Developer Program, GE Healthcare is selecting market-ready independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers to leverage the power of the Edison platform. This opportunity may help them to achieve faster adoption and experience commercial growth for their healthcare applications. It also fosters innovation within GE Healthcare’s intelligence platform, where applications are built specifically for the needs of healthcare.

Offering a rich set of healthcare services to drive outcomes

GE Healthcare’s Edison platform is designed to ensure fast adoption and allows applications to be deployed in the cloud, at the edge or on device. With a wide array of clinicians and healthcare systems trusting GE Healthcare every day, joining the Edison Developer Program can be a game-changer for developers.

Here are some key statistics about GE Healthcare’s global reach:

  • 160+ countries in the world
  • 4M imaging, mobile diagnostic, and monitoring units worldwide
  • 50M+ data elements monitored every day
  • 230M exams and associated data under GE Healthcare management
  • 2B+ scans generated per year
  • 16K images per minute on GE Healthcare devices

Those numbers mean impact—and it’s not just business impact or statistics. For example, Koios DS™ built and deployed Breast Assistant*, an embedded application designed to automatically provide an AI-based quantitative risk assessment, delivering results in two seconds or less and providing decision support for clinicians. Together, Koios** and GE Healthcare interfaced their solution into LOGIQ E10TM.

As part of the Edison Developer Program, GE Healthcare launched two initiatives in India and China aimed at growing the regional ecosystem and accelerating the availability of local solutions. The Edison platform is helping break down barriers for adoption and clear the way for a global impact.

How it works

Of course, a partnership means a relationship. GE Healthcare works with developers on a deep level to make sure both parties are moving toward success.

First, developers will complete an application form and the Edison team will set up a call to get to know the company, the product, and the partnership options. Next, the GE Healthcare team will conduct a clinical evidence review to determine if there is a workflow fit. If it appears to be a good fit, the Edison team will further evaluate your solution and determine the best approach to interface the product with the Edison platform. Regulatory, legal, and quality standards will be met for inclusion in our offerings.

Finally, after a beta pilot with select customers, the product may be launched across the entire GE Healthcare ecosystem, available to all customers and driven by sales and marketing.

Upon the launch of the program, Kieran Murphy, president and CEO of GE Healthcare, shared its vision: “With the introduction of the Edison Developer Program, a suite of new intelligent applications and Edison-powered smart devices, we are continuing to work with partners to realize our collective goal of advancing the future of health.”

What it means for the industry

Ultimately, the Edison Developer Program helps healthcare providers gain easier access to your market-ready algorithms and applications by directly integrating these technologies into existing workflows. Working with a trusted provider like GE Healthcare will help drive even more innovation for startups – and ease AI adoption globally. Also, with GE Healthcare’s innovative platform, developers can get their technology seamlessly integrated into cutting-edge products.

Innovation and advancement is important—but the real impact is how that technology translates to better day-to-day patient care and positive outcomes.

To learn more about the Edison Developer Program, visit with the GE Healthcare booth at the RSNA Show from December 1-9, 2019 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.


* Not CE Marked. Cannot be placed on the market or put into service until it has been made to comply with the Medical Device Directive requirements for CE all countries.

** Koios DS is a trademark of Koios Medical.