Software and artificial intelligence are everywhere. Unlike computers and phones, the life cycle of medical equipment can span across decades, creating the need for ongoing software updates and maintenance. Technological innovations continue to present new opportunities to improve existing healthcare solutions. This is an exciting time to consider how evolving technologies can disrupt the healthcare space.

Are you a mission-driven software developer with an interest in Med Tech and AI? Would you like to build and deploy compliant applications faster to medical devices across the world? Through the Edison™ Developer Program, GE Healthcare is directly supporting independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers to bring ambitious AI-driven applications to the market.

Simply put, the Edison Developer Program allows developers to accelerate application development.  The platform provides a robust set of APIs and functions that allow innovators to deliver targeted improvements in patient care when it matters most.  Relying on the foundational capabilities available through the program, users can move straight to solutioning and deploying compliant healthcare solutions.

For healthcare applications, the verification and validation phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is substantial, namely due to the volume of information required to achieve regulatory approval. The Edison Developer Program addresses three major challenges faced by software developers in the healthcare industry, spanning from the design, development, verification, validation, and ultimately the deployment of their innovations to clinicians and patients.

Get compliant data and guidance from domain experts

Exciting developments in healthcare have been expedited due to advances in machine learning and data science, enabling doctors and researchers to work with greater agility and precision.  One of the main challenges when creating compliant solutions for patient care is either limited or a complete lack of access to compliant medical data and limited guidance to tailor the solution for scalability and seamless usability. To alleviate these issues, GE Healthcare provides compliant data, tech resources, and expert guidance directly to ISVs and developers through the Edison Developer Program.

Reduce infrastructure and developmental costs

An automated and well-integrated healthcare solution can lower development costs, improve performance, and drive positive patient outcomes. However, the developmental cost can be high as it requires the infrastructure and highly qualified domain experts and developers that are knowledgeable in cloud, on-prem development, and data analytics technologies. On the other hand, from the outset, the Edison Developer Program provides robust functionalities and expansive, ready to use toolsets via Edison APIs and SDKs.  Health technology innovators can leverage these tools to expedite the building and validation of their applications, all while simultaneously reducing developmental costs.  Additionally, as a result of the GE Healthcare and AWS partnership, Edison™ Developer Program members can use deployment frameworks to spin up cloud environments.

Traceability for regulated environments and go-to-market channel
Rapidly and effectively managing complex regulatory environments for medical applications can be a particularly daunting task for developers. Developers must build secure and traceable software that is tailored to user needs. The Edison™ Ecosystem offers an integrated auditing functionality that saves developers time when testing new applications.

The Edison Developer Program invites innovators to become a part of the globally connected Edison Ecosystem, where they gain access to a curated set of developer resources to help expedite the time to build and deploy compliant healthcare applications.

Upcoming GE Healthcare Events

Sign up for the upcoming webinar, Fast Track Application Development, Distribution and Deployment Across Healthcare. Sponsored by GE Healthcare in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the webinar will take place on Monday, October 26th, 1pm CST.  This webinar is for ISVs and developers who are looking for the fastest route to build and commercialize their applications and services to the Healthcare industry. It will discuss ways developers can accelerate their work in areas such as image analysis, scientific research, and drug discovery.  REGISTER HERE.